Balancing Cashflow with debt and outstanding invoices

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Balancing Cashflow with debt and outstanding invoices

In the uncertain environment we find ourselves in, there is a lot of concern about how businesses are funding their current operations and future growth. With many organisations feeling the pinch due to Covid 19, cash flow continues to be one of the main issues that keeps business owners up at night. 

If your business continues to run accounts for more than 90 days and you are still chasing and concerned about payment, then an invoice finance or debtor finance solution may help. See Debtor finance, can be an asset to your business if you use it correctly. 

Having outstanding invoices paid, is  real relief for many businesses especially those that you continue to chase. A debtor finance solution allows you to be paid in advance (up to 85%), of the outstanding amount. Provided you have the correct invoice details and we can qualify the invoice, then managing your cash flow will be made easier. 

Australian Invoice Finance (AIF) will pay the amount generally within 24 hours so you can then focus on what you do best in running your business.

If you are unsure, then contact AIF and will walk you through the process.


If you would like to talk to a Cashflow Finance specialist about some answers and funding  your debtors with Invoice Finance contact us on 1800 FUNDIT that’s 1800 386 348.

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