Use Factoring To Convert Your Earned Invoices Into Cash You Can Use Immediately

Australian Invoice Finance Factoring Service is very popular with business owners because it provides other services in addition to cashflow finance.

As part of our Factoring service, we also provide:

  • Follow up collection calls tailored to a client’s requirements

  • Credit checks on customers

  • Recovery action where required

  • Credit policy advice

  • Up to 90% advance rate

So, if you want a great cashflow finance product with all the bells and whistles, Factoring is for you.

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Greg Charlwood with David Koch

Greg Charlwood of Australian Invoice Finance
David Koch of Business Builders -

AIF’s managing director, Greg Charlwood speaks to David Koch on Business Builders with David Koch about how small businesses can avoid a cash-flow crunch using invoice financing.

Click on the player below to hear Greg’s interview, which originally aired on the Macquarie Network on 21/1/18.

Get Better Cashflow Solutions Today!

Australian Invoice Finance (AIF) provides cash flow solutions to small businesses.

Invoice Finance (also called debtor finance or factoring) is the most flexible cashflow lending solution for businesses selling on credit terms, providing certainty of ongoing working capital funding. We quickly lend up to 90% of your unpaid invoices, so you can meet your payment deadlines even if your customers don’t.

What are the advantages of using Factoring in your business

Cashflow Factoring simply converts your earned unpaid invoices into cash you can use immediately.

Our additional services are very popular with business owners because it provides other services in addition to cashflow finance.

Many business owners are great at sourcing product, service, sales or manufacturing. They aren’t always proficient or interested in back office processes and that is where we come in to help support your business.

We love helping Australian Businesses With Invoice Finance

Here are some of our recent Done Deals which helped small businesses turn around

Done Deal #31: Transport Company

AIF helped a transport company with working capital for fuel and salaries so it could service a new large contract it recently won.

Done Deal #33: Paper and Envelope Manufacturer

We worked with a Paper and Envelope Manufacturer to overcome an issue with slow-paying debtors.

Done Deal #34: Commercial Fit-Out Business

We supported a commercial fit-out business with payroll and trade creditor problems caused by an issue with one large debtor and ATO debt.

Done Deal #35: Herb and Spice Wholesaler

We provided a herb and spice wholesaler with an invoice finance facility which helped save it from liquidation. AIF did the collections for the client and implemented a full credit-advice facility.

Done Deal #37: Concrete Pumping Company

We supported a concrete pumping company with an invoice finance facility which gave it additional working capital to support growth and fund upcoming projects.

Deal #43: Eyewear Manufacturer

We assisted an eyewear supplier to smooth out cashflow problems arising from debtors delaying payment for up to 70 days after taking delivery of stock.

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