Easy Invoice Finance

Accredited Invoice Finance Company

Need more cash in your business?
  • Does your current lender or bank lend you enough cash to operate your business?
  • Need to pay suppliers and wages on time?
  • All of our clients have slow paying debtors and need cash flow to operate their business
  • Is ATO debt outstanding or do you need to make a payment arrangement?
  • Your cash flow won’t allow you to bring on new business or are you just missing opportunities to sell?
  • Are suppliers asking for payment
  • Is your business not able to meet its financial obligations when due?
  • Have you already got a short term loan and still have a cash flow issue?

If you need cash injection and have money owing from your debtors with outstanding invoices, then Invoice Finance (also know as Factoring) is the solution for your business.

How does Invoice Finance work?

It is really simple. You can finance your outstanding invoices (account receivable) at a discounted rate. At Australian Invoice Finance, we can lend up to 90% of the outstanding invoice. We offer various cash flow solutions including the following options features:

  • Send invoice
  • Get Fast, 24-hour approval
  • Various terms options to suit
  • Minimal financial information required

What is the criteria for invoice finance ?

  • Sell B2B – business to business.
  • Have completed the customer sale for a goods or services.
  • Offer credit to your customers – e.g. 30 days.

Again it’s really that simple!

Who uses it ?

Many Australian companies from a variety of industries use Invoice Financing as a quick and easy method to improve cash flow. If you are a small to medium size business and have a turnover of less than $30million, then you can benefit with Invoice Financing. In fact, at Australian Invoice Finance, our team of Cash Flow Specialists have helped thousands of businesses in Australia. Clients generally provide a good or service to their customers with most clients businesses operating as a wholesaler, manufacturer, labour hire business or transport related business. There are many options. We should talk about them.

What to do next?

We guarantee we will grant any approval within 24 hours, subject to receiving supporting information, and will explain the reason if we can’t. Simply contact Australian Invoice Finance by via email enquiries@austif.com.au or on 1800 FUND IT (386348) and speak with one of our Cash Flow Specialists.

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