Partnership Factoring

Partnership Factoring

Funding solution to accessing Cash from Unpaid Invoices

  • Do you have slow paying customers?
  • Do you need to cashflow?
  • Do you have cash tied up in unpaid account receivables?
  • Are you up to date with your suppliers , taxes and superannuation payments ?
  • Are you being funded by your bank or finance companies and need more cash flow ?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and need money to operate your business, then Partnership Factoring could solve your cash flow issues.

Partnership Factoring is low cost and another practical funding solution to accessing cash from unpaid invoices. Unlike Factoring, you retain collection activity so your Bookkeeper or Accountant can follow up outstanding invoices. Australian Invoice Finance will provide just the finance facility you need. We can still conduct credit checks and account management. Partnership Factoring is a low cost products to help small business cashflow and suits some businesses.

How does Partnership Factoring work?

Australian Invoice Finance makes the process simple, easy and seamless.

  1. You invoice your customers and forward the invoice details to our team, on-line via a secure website.
  2. We then pay up to 90% of approved invoices within 24 hours. This is a line of credit, so you only draw the cashflow you need from the funds available.
  3. Your team can then follow up your customers when the invoice is due for the amount outstanding, so you don’t have to worry about unpaid invoices. We would always assist as you required.
  4. The remaining balance of the invoiced amount is paid to you once the invoice is paid in full by your customer. The process works online so it really is very easy to follow and manage.
  5. The cycle starts again when you raise more invoices. It’s really that simply.

What is unique about Partnership Factoring?

The unique option with Partnership Factoring is that your team do the collections services on the outstanding invoices.
We’ll conduct our credit checks, send out monthly statements and leave your team to manage collections. Note we can always assist with accounts when needed.

Who is Partnership Factoring for?

Partnership Factoring is ideal for small to medium businesses that want fast cashflow for their business and have an Accountant or Bookkeeper that is able to follow up invoices. This is a great product for SME who have control on their debtor payments.

What to do next?

Contact your local Australian Invoice Finance Cashflow Specialist. We can walk you through the process and also let you know which is the best cashflow finance solution for your business.

It’s easy email or call now on 1800 FUND IT (386 348)

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