A Done Deal #41

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Food manufacturing and wholesale business in the bakery sector, making cakes and cookies.

What’s happening?:

Our client recently purchased this food manufacturing business as the owners were retiring. They were passionate about their business and wanted to see it continue. So, they searched for new owners who would continue the passion for the business. Owners who could take it forward into a new growth phase to establish it as a national brand.

When selling B2B, it is standard practice to offer 30 days EOM terms to your customer. However, the unfortunate reality is that, as a supplier, you get paid somewhere between 30 days and 75 days, depending on the debtor’s cash flow, making cash flow and trading very difficult and stressful.

Invoice finance, also called factoring or debtor finance, improves business cashflow, removes financial stress and allows business growth. It is the key for many small business owners to funding their accounts receivable or debtor accounts.

Another Done Deal:

Our new food manufacturing client has a line of credit of $300,000 to support the expected 100% increase in turnover under the new management structure.

It very exciting for Australian Invoice Finance to provide funding to a business owner who is so entrepreneurial and forward thinking.

This is just another Done Deal and another example of how Australian Invoice Finance is doing business with small business.

Learn more about debtor finance:

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