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The Industry   - Security Services

Invoice Finance really works to cash flow a labour based business such as Security Services.

The Australian Invoice Finance Team would like to welcome this Accountant referred client business based in North-west Sydney to invoice finance. The client provides security management services for many companies in regional NSW. The client business has large wage and input costs overheads to deal with while waiting for their various customers to pay.

The Industry:

Security services, one of the industry’s most suitable to the benefits of Invoice Finance due to payment terms and payroll requirements.

What is happening:

The business has been operating for more than 5 years and has previously had a facility with another factoring or invoice finance provider and needs more funding than the current invoice finance facility would provide. The weekly funding goal was to pay wages weekly from the proceeds of factoring. The existing lender could not provide 80% of the ledger balance consistently to the client on a weekly basis.

The funding parameters in place with the previous funder provided inconsistent amounts of funding available to the client business. Thus, the client had to find another flexible invoice finance funder that understands the value of funding, customer relationships and customer service.  Most importantly the new funder needed to understand the client and how they do business. At AIF we want to understand your business and how our clients like to do business before we fund. It about getting the funding right.

Australian Invoice Finance was able to offer the client a facility at 80% of the ledger consistently, as well as cater for a number of other client service arrangements within the facility.

The client will now have a consistent working capital facility and can now fund a business restructure and grow the business without the concerns of cash flow. Finding the right invoice finance provider does remove the Director concerns over funding business growth. The key to success is explaining your business and dealing with an invoice or debtor finance company that listens and understands the issues.

It’s great news that Australian Invoice Finance was able to be the finance partner for this new client.

At Australian Invoice Finance we provide Fast, Flexible Funding we Lend More.

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