An invoice finance service fee is determined by a percentage of the invoice and an interest charge on the funds you use. The cost is fair and reasonable.
You will be paid the same day you submit invoices to Invoice Finance. It's all electronic and very simple.
No, we don’t need access your accounting system. You simply provide your invoice information online for the debtors that need funding.
Your invoice is the security for the funding. We do not need property security. This is the major benefit of invoice finance.
At Australian Invoice Finance , we can finance all your invoices and usually finance clients with an annual sales turnover up to $25,000,000.
At Australian Invoice Finance we can fund a new business with only a few small debtors. Most facilities would be for $50,000 and upwards.
Call 1800 FUND IT (386348) for the answers from one of our Cash Flow specialists or contact us (reference to our contact page). We have a specialist in every state around Australia.


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