Surviving 2020 – How to Thrive and Not just Survive

Moving Your Business Forward in 2020 


If you’re a small business owner who is surviving in the challenges for 2020, where do you go from here, how do you move forward?


How to thrive and not just survive!


Each business owner operates with a unique group of customers, suppliers, advisers and financiers. The key advisors to an SME are normally their accountant, lawyers, bookkeeper, family and friends. For some small businesses there are also business coaches, growth coaches, finance brokers, insurance brokers, insolvency practitioners, turnaround specialists and similar that guide a business owner.


Accepting what has happened in 2020 can be difficult but moving forward business owners should “embrace the change” but we really mean “embrace the challenge”.


At Australian Invoice Finance we strongly recommend now, more than ever that you as a business owner (whether you are a sole trader, director or shareholder) to seek advice.


When is the best time to seek advice?  Now and in reality, it’s after reading this article. This business advice should include talking to a qualified accountant, lawyers, bookkeeper, finance brokers, business growth coach and importantly for some business an insolvency practitioner or business turnaround specialist.


These specialist professions can provide you with the necessary review feedback, plan and strategy to manage your business, grow profitability moving forward and achieve your business goals.


Finance and investment in regard to business change will also be required. If the resources in the business are employed correctly than this investment in time, money and resources can provide good returns (ROI) to the business owner.  Business change will cost you money, but the better planned and structured the change, the stronger the financial outcome.


At Australian Invoice Finance many of our business opportunities come from the professional services who we are suggesting you talk to now. More often business owners are focused on their key objectives which are, but not limited to:

  • operate their own business
  • be their own boss and
  • fulfilment of personal objectives
  • change the sector of business they operate in
  • make money


Having the right advice to make those objectives become a reality is vital to achievement.


So whilst we all move forward, some businesses will be preparing for that domestic and international reopening or rebuilding using key advisors. The more you plan and prepare, the better the outcome will be. This certainly means your expectations are realistic. You will importantly have the goals, the objectives, the strategy, the processes and the expectations to thrive.


The “keys to thriving and not just surviving” are:

  • get advice from a professional advisor/s
  • implement an agreed plan with the advisor/s
  • finance the business the right way moving forward

Being a finance company, our team of professionals have many years of experience and we do work with many SME business owners. At AIF we have a good understanding of financial performance and how business is operating from years of experience and acquired knowledge. We are not the advisor, but we are the leading invoice finance funder with the experience. This experience converts into finance and saying yes more often.


Australian Invoice Finance is a leading provider of invoice finance for small, medium, and large businesses. We are here to fund your business with Invoice Finance services.


If you think your business needs finance, we can be contacted on our website at or 1800 FUNDIT that’s 1800 386 348.

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