Reliable Invoice Finance options in a crisis

Reliable Invoice Finance options in a crisis  


We want to take the opportunity to reach out and let you know that we at Australian Invoice Finance are committed to you and your clients needs. As a leading non-bank finance company we are open for business and are available to support new client businesses through this challenging crisis. Not just when the economic conditions are favourable.

Unlike other financiers, our lending model is unchanged and we are available to provide funding for your new and existing client's cashflow needs, even through the current downturn.

We are living through volatile times; markets are in free-fall amid uncertainty caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, however if we work together with a common goal, the current economic crisis will be temporary.

As a leading non-bank finance company, we are well prepared to maintain service without disruption and our staff are well versed in supporting customers remotely. We are supremely confident that even in these uncertain times our business continuity plans and processes are able to cope and adapt as the situation evolves.


Find out more about how invoice finance can help your business:

Click here to contact an AIF invoice finance expert who can help your business with turnaround finance.


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