Why Choose Us?

Improving cashflow with Australian Invoice Finance

AIF is an expert in helping Australian SMEs improve cash flow through receivables finance and factoring.

Fast – Same-day approval
Flexible – We understand SMEs and their cashflow needs
We lend more – Up to 85% of your unpaid invoices

We help customers get out of the cashflow trap

Sluggish cash flow caused by slow paying customers is one of the biggest problems facing businesses. While payment terms are usually 30 days, customers often take 60 days or more to pay. Much-needed cash is tied up in unpaid invoices, which can create problems in paying suppliers and taxes, leading to missed business opportunities and, in extreme cases, business failure.

SMEs should not have to finance their customers. Australian Invoice Finance is here to help and provide peace of mind by improving cashflow with non-bank finance. We can quickly advance up to 85% of your unpaid invoices through our cashflow finance facility and, unlike the big banks, we do not require property as security. The balance, less our fee, is transferred to you when your customer pays.

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